🔨 v0.1.8
latest release
Jan 7th, 2023

Updated the Heap and Memory Menus.

Jan 1st, 2023

Added Mem Files which are a sort of mini-savestate.

Added Tribal Tracking to see when tribals are rescued or killed.

Added new Settings. Region Time, Game Time, and Tribal Tracking can be shown on screen.

A message display system was added that can be used to display messages for various actions.

Updated the position display to use floating point numbers rather than integers for more precision.

Bug Fix
Dec 31st, 2022

Updated the compiling of the custom data to various fix bugs and add new features.

Updated the Memory Menu to allow changing the address so that any address can be seen.

Added Character Model swapping and editin Weapon Data.

Dec 21st, 2022

Updated the Cheats functionality as well as added the Full Jet Fuel cheat.

Dec 20th, 2022

Full warp list added to warp to any location at any time.

Updated the music list to add additional tracks.

Updated the in-game file table to add an additional entry. The custom loaded file can not be placed at the end of the ROM.

Dec 18th, 2022

Minimal warp list added to go to various locations much easier.

Music list added to be able to change the current playing track at any time.

Dec 11th, 2022

Restored the forth character data set instead of using it for RAM Watch data. This data is actually used for the Drone Ship that's used in the Mizar's Palace race for the Fuse.

Moved the RAM Watch, Settings, and Cheats data to be stored in the loaded file.

Inital Public Release
Sep 11th, 2022

The first publicly available version.